AYDINLATMA MERKEZİ® Company, we aim to be the leader in our field by realizing lighting design and solutions in a creative and effective manner for the needs of our customers with multidisciplinary working understanding.
Our company will realize its target as follows;

• Keeping customer satisfaction at the top level with a customer-focused perspective,
• Protecting professional ethics and principles
• By doing things FULL, TRUE and TIME
• Design and technology to provide unique and surplus value
• Creating environmentally sensitive, visual quality projects and works
• By creating efficient, safe working conditions for our employees and solution partners, working with team spirit,
• By constantly producing new ideas and new projects,
• Creating educational activities and platforms for the formation of 'Right Lighting'
• Keeping the quality of service at the highest level with the help of advanced infrastructure and technology,
• Increasing the quality of service through corporate training and auditing,
• Increase sales and profitability rates for our brands and for the development of our projects
• By strengthening our system infrastructure and raising our productivity and business motivation By creating permanent values of working culture,
• In accordance with the legal regulations and mandatory standards of the working country,

Our company will evaluate the quality of the projects carried out in accordance with the legal requirements and the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2015 standard in accordance with the wishes of our customers and our quality policy will be continuously monitored. Benna Architecture Design Construction Dan.Tur. Singing. Tic. Ltd. The company believes that it will be possible to educate its employees by ensuring the successful implementation and continuous improvement of its quality management system.
The quality policy created is ensured to be open in accordance with the access of interested parties.