Pioneering ideas, creative suggestions, problem solving attitude, knowledge and
value-add proposition offering benefits of quality lighting.
We take it from ‘Light’ to ‘Real’.

Creating atmospheres, effects and experiences with light.
We take the challenge to realize perception-oriented lighting to be successfully
implemented in the context of efficient visual comfort, based on perfectly engineered
lighting design details.

By merging design skills with cutting edge technology,
system integrated lighting solutions are offered through our ‘lighting project management’ methodology.


We define our identity as: dynamic, forward-thinking and enthusiastic.
Our global network of partners have the same philosophy and we succeed together with a
passionate team of lighting professionals.

We are all motivated to create an intense dialogue with architects, lighting designers and
engineers in order to be able to grant our creativity and technical knowledge for each

We strongly believe in this ‘collective experience’ as key to success.
Our goal is to create complete lighting solution for each project that will realize all
practical benefits of sustainable design and visual quality through effective coordination
and collaboration with the project team.

We care about understanding their needs and goals in order to reflect their unique and
inspired vision to the final result, meanwhile maximizing the value for budget.


We ‘trust’ our partners, clients and lighting professionals. And we do our best to be a
long term trusted partner.

Our ‘diligence’attitude is our core motivation to realize designs that emphasize quality,
diversity and architectural aesthetics for achiving effective and innovative lighting

‘Respect’ connects people, enhances the quality of relationship and life.
Respect gives us freedom to create environmentally and economically conscious
solutions, provides design vision and sensitive approach to enlight the core idea of a
space and the life scenario within it.

‘Modesty’ is where we calm down and open the door to future, to curiosity;

our will to explore and inspire more every each day.

This is how we develop ourselves in order to serve forward-thinking solutions to

our clients.


AYDINLATMA MERKEZI® represents worlwide known lighting manufacturers in order to
fulfill the lighting requirements of a complete project. This extensive range covers
solutions and systems specialized in architectural, industrial and emergency lighting.
Our global network of partners focus on high-end lighting systems offering: high value,
quality, reliability and durability.

Since our team of founders come from a background in design, we support creative
professionals in realizing ‘customized design and creation’ what we call
‘Individual Touch’ to the project.

In our portfolio we present customized realizations designed by famous designers such as Karim Rashid, Marcel Wanders, Wilson Associates, Arolat Architects and more.

We are your ‘Lighting Solutions Partner’ featuring unlimited lighting inspirations.