Linea Luce LED is a linear recessed, suspension and surface mounting fixture with a minimal, elegant design.

It has a wide range of accessories, so that Linea Luce LED is highly versatile, whether with individual fixtures or continuous in-line installations.
• LED lamps,Luminous flux up to 6995 lm and CRI > 85
• Length available: 600mm; 800mm; 1200mm; 2400mm
• Mount Bracket surface
• 3000mm diffuser screen available as accessory for continuous lighting effect with no gaps between the individual linear segments
• Can be equipped with DALI/SWITCH DIM units and 1-10V, DMX and DALI interfaces for RGB LEDs
• Dimensional finishing modules (50 and 100mm) and 90° corner modules are also available
• Joints for continuous in-line installations
• Length available: 600mm; 702mm; 800mm; 1052mm; 1200mm; 1404mm; 2400mm

• Linea Luce LED recessed 600mm
• Linea Luce LED suspension 2400mm
• Linea Luce LED recessed 1200mm
• Linea Luce LED recessed 702mm
• Linea Luce LED recessed 2400mm
• Linea Luce LED surface 1200mm
• Linea Luce LED recessed 702mm

The Linea Luce LED linear system of luminaires has been developed to meet diverse lighting design needs, including continuous in-line installations for hallway, foyer and cove lighting; it can also be incorporated into ledges, shelving or furniture.
A range of versions is available for this system so it can be used in different applications: the pendant and surface-mounted variants are suitable for general lighting of environments like offices, while the variety of sizes and accessories that can be integrated into the recessed luminaires make them perfect for creating diverse linear configurations and forms.