Narancia is an indirect or direct/indirect lighting fixture designed to perfectly match classical and contemporary architectural designs.

Its design is strong but elegant, ad it is built to house the very best mechanical and optical components. Available with asymmetrical reflectors and the IOS system for the LED version, it is also available for metal halide, halogen and compact fluorescent lamps, and its IP55 rated optical compartment can be set to three angles (0°-20°-40°).

Features & Benefits:
• Available for LED, metal halide, halogen and compact fluorescent lamps
• Direct luminous flux up to 3200 lm, indirect up to 1661 lm
• CRI > 90 (LED version)
• Direct and direct/indirect versions available
• Interchangeable optical system (IOS)
• Installs quickly without the need to open the fixture with an electro-mechanical bracket
• Dual mode operation (indirect only, direct only, or both)
• Version with integrated dimmer for independent brightness control